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Do you really care about me? Honestly? I don’t think so. Not only did you betray me, now you hurt me even more by NOT telling me. She told me instead. You have no idea in how much of a psychological impact this had on me… My heart is heavy and the only 2 people who could help me are either too far away, or grounded. When I need to talk to you, I can’t… I just want to tell you that I am done. I don’t really think that you’re worth the pain. You are one of my best friends, but I think that we should part. Go our own ways. I have to admit, I love you more than you think. I may say this to a lot of my friends, but that is mostly friendly love. You… I thought that I could trust you. You told me that I would be able to rely on you. Lies, all of them. I only forgave you because if I lost you, I would be devastated. I realized something though. I don’t need you in my life. I should have left a long time ago, I should have known it could me so much better. I hope you’re missing me, I hope I’ve made you see that I’m gone forever. I don’t need you here. I’m glad you disappeared. For so long, I’ve been denying the fact that I feel so much better now that you’re gone. I covered it up with the fact that I just needed you there for me. I realized that your words were harsh, they don’t affect me any more. I will leave you behind, and tonight, with whoever reads this as my witness, I am liberated from your clutches. I am glad I didn’t leave who I am with for you, even thought I thought about it. He may not be there as much as you were, but he is honest. I love him for who he is and what he did for me. He did a lot more than you ever did. There is so much more left to tell you. You left me broken, depressed. I have the same recurring nightmare every night. I wake up screaming at night because of you. You gave me life… But you just as easily took it away. I hope you’re happy with what you’ve done. One more night. One more nightmare. One more sleep-deprived night. One more scream. One more hour I spend crying over the very fact that I will not change you. That I will not see you… One more night… I remember the good times we had. The multiple times in your car, the Jazz Festival, and the many ‘naps’ you tried to take… Sometimes, I wish that you had never come into my life. This would have never happened, and I would still be happy… No matter how much you hurt me, know that I will always be by your side, even if you do not want me there. If you need help, I will help, just don’t call on my friendship any more. Thanks for the memories that you gave me, and thanks for all of the wonderful times. I will miss you. Goodbye. -T.R.


I awoke, lying in the grass. A gust of wind brushed against my face as I heard leaves rustling in the distance. A lonely wind chime echoed in the breeze. As I looked at the sky I saw it was white, completely covered with clouds. Dark and twisted trees grasped the sky above. They glistened with light as frost danced off their branches.

I sat up and looked down. Tall grass shot up through the snow around me. I raised myself to one knee and took a look around. Beyond the black tree line I could see a cold frosty river. Small floes of ice winded down its path.

I saw movement in the distance. A swift moving shadow crossed my line of sight. I blinked as I stood up, frantically looking for this unknown creature. I started moving towards the river, snow scuffing my boots as I ran.

I arrived at the river. It was cold and silent. I heard nothing but water running over the rocks in front of me and the piercing sound of the wind chime in the distance. I heard something shuffle behind me. I darted my head to catch a glimpse of what was following me.


A gust of wind again rushed at my face. As I turned around facing the river again, I saw a red cabin. It boldly contrasted the bleak colors that surrounded it. The dark forest framed the odd sight that was ahead of me.

Strange, I thought, that wasn’t there before.

I waded through the river as I saw, out of the corner of my eye, dark figures dart around me. A shiver shot down my spine as I felt a foreboding thought come into my head. I quickly dismissed it as I trudged up the snowy river bank.

As I hiked up the stone walkway to this peculiar cottage, I looked at its porch. Hanging from a column was the source of those ghostly noises. A silver wind chime glistened in the breeze. I stepped onto the first step of the porch. The chimes stopped. Dead silence filled the air, despite the fact that I still felt a breeze touching my face. I reached out to touch the chimes. Something prevented me. I don’t know what it was.


I turned my attention again to the cabin. I looked through a window to see if anyone lived there. I was greeted only by silence. I heard a noise and I turned, startled. The door to the cabin had opened. I reluctantly walked inside, curiosity getting the better of me. It slammed shut behind me.

I looked around. It was dark, with only a single light shining in through the cracked window to my left. It shone down upon a red rug. Papers and all sorts of refuse littered the floor. I knelt down and picked up the end of the rug. I dusted it off by slamming it against the floor. As I did that, I heard a hollow knocking sound. The knocks echoed from an unknown source. Startled, I threw the rug off to the side. It was hiding a hole, a deep hollow that penetrated the earth. I peered in, but as I did so a dark figure appeared in the cabin’s window. I turned around and darted for the door.

It was locked.

Panicking, I clawed at the walls. I punched at the window screaming at this demon to let me go. It stared at me with piercing eyes and smiled with jagged fangs.

Something pushed me backwards and I fell inside the dark chasm. I fell for what seemed an eternity. Expecting to be greeted by the cold hands of death, instead I saw a bright light. What I thought was the end was only the beginning.

I smile, as you come up next to me, and we both gaze down onto the green, grassy field. A sigh of astonishment escapes your lips as I put my hand on your shoulder, our gazes still upon the perfect, untouched football field . We both stand there in silence for a few minutes in awe. Suddenly, I hear your sob. “I too, have my share of memories on this field.” I say, as I pull you in close and hold you tight…

So long I’ve dreamt of your body

So long I’ve dreamt of your soul

So long have I dreamt you would come to me

But so long I’ve been out of control

So long have been the times that you told me things

Just the things I would want to hear

But you never knew that deep inside

I was waiting for more

So long ago I made a preomise

Never to let you know what I feel

But here i am telling you now

I know that you wont like this

And my friend you shall no longer be

But just know that I

I loved you so long

and I will forever do.

As I lie here

I take each breath

Each one faster than the one before

Knowing that I should have gone

After my love, Lenore

Oh, Lenore

Lie with me forever more

And live upon the heavens

Where the Raven shall not whisper

Shall not Whisper the word “Nevermore”

Oh, Lenore! My sweet Lenore

Lie with me, forever more

And both of us shall live together

Under this blood-stained floor

Where we will not hear a word

Not a word like “Nevermore”…

Quando sei lontana
sogno all’ orizzonte
e mancan le parole.

E Io si lo so
che sei
no con me.

Tu, mia luna.
Tu, mio sole.

No con te.

When you are far away
I dream on the horizon
and words fail.

And I know
that you
are not with me.

You, my moon.
You, my sun.

Without you.

I walk through my blizzard
With a heavy heart.
My feet dragging behind me.
My mouth with a taste of tart.

I knew this would happen
Yet I let it go.
As if denying the fact
That my heart loves you so.

I cannot explain why,
Who, when, or where,
Yet my heart cannot defy
That you aren’t gonna be there.

I walk through my blizzard,
With a heavy heart.
My mind cannot bear
That I was not smart.

I walk through my blizzard,
With my head hung low.
My gun at my holster,
But that’s just for show.

I walk through my blizzard.
I did not do it tonight.
But my mind keeps on telling me
That I did not do right.

But in the future,
If I somehow succeed,
I assure you that it was not torture
You did not watch me bleed.

The feeling of awe flushes over me as I see the brand new red canvas on the bathroom wall. I lay my victim down carefully as I quietly hum Bach’s piano concerto number seven in G minor. My hand runs across the canvas slowly as the intoxicating, yet addicting fumes fill my body, trying to strangle and take hold of me until I, too, am left dead.
Humming calms me down before I kill. My plans are simple. I meet the person, become their close friend, gain their trust, and get know them very well. Then, a song is picked out for them, so over-excitement doesn’t come my way as the kill does.
I look at my blood-stained fingertips, wondering about everything, yet nothing at the same time. Poor Jasmine. She was a good girl.
The rose in my pocket calls my victim’s name, as if it too wanted a spot next to Jasmine on the cold, blood-stained floor. The rose slowly inches its way in to my hand with such delicacy, I shall never forget. I glance at the flower momentarily. Its petals neatly tucked into one another as if each were holding a small child in their arms. Its smell. Its sweet smell of triumph.
I grin evilly at the thought as I slowly let the rose fall onto Jasmine’s chest and watch as it rolls over and stops at her neck. I lean over and kiss her on the cheek. “You were such a good girl,” I announce, “too bad you won’t live to hear me say this.”
I slowly walk out of the restroom turning and giving one last look at Jasmine before the lights are turned off….

The blade rest before me,
the table along with the burning amber liquid,
and the neat fluffy white lines;
I recline in my chair and ponder my next move.

The blade serves as the aspect of death for me.
I remember the many times I had felt its cold fury precariously close to my beating veins.
I would watch in a drug induced awe as the blood flowed like liquid fire and then satisfied,
I would fall back to the floor dead like a stillborn child,
with tears falling from my cold body.
The amber liquid is a aspect of pain.
I remember many nights,
alone in the filthy bathroom drinking my sanity away,
along with my morals.
Even the vermin that crawled like cowards in the dark wouldn’t have me.

The snow.
Oh, the grateful snow,
what a deceitful little treat.
Oh, I wish I had stayed away from your captivating power.
Many a time have I felt your blazing,
but frosty vigor.
You intoxicated my mind and clouded my judgment.
You are a means,
and a changing.
I am the fiend,
the despot.

So now I chose.
The choice I shall utter for I already know,
but the question is which will you choose.
Not as easy as you thought, huh?

I am new here, so give me a break. I will try to put new poems up weekly, and new short stories monthly. I will also take requests, and new ideas about what to write. However, please keep in mind that I am mostly a free verse and horror writer, and when taken out of my element, I’m very shaky. I also write long stories, but I’ll try to have one about every 6 months because of school and all the thought I have to put into them. Also, before I forget, I am going to need help with titles because of my poor naming things skills. Thanks for your time, and enjoy my wild imagination.